New Funding Options

The non-dilutive funding options have become popular among tech companies and the capital providers are nowadays more sophisticated, each with its own investment criteria, deal size, preferred revenue models, business fields, geography, path to profitability requirements and more. The list of financing models for tech companies has been growing fast: MRR lines, revenue based finance, cohort based finance, user acquisition finance, inventory finance, machinery finance, working capital revolvers, invoice finance, venture lending and more.

The Challenge

For a fast moving tech business the great news of more funding options can quickly turn into a disappointing experience: a time consuming process, demanding preparation, exposure of your entire financial and operational data to many potential lenders and low success rates to eventually close a deal (less than 5%).

Butterfi Mission

Our mission is to get your startup the access to the best non-dilutive capital options in zero time and with little effort. Young tech companies lack the financial background and venture debt expertise so we are here to boost your capabilities in this financial engineering space. Working with Butterfi increases your funding expertise and strengthens your bargaining power to receive the best available financing terms and quickly close a deal. Nice to meet you, we are Butterfi!


Butterfi's founders team encompasses a unique mix of experience in tech finanacing and fintech platforms.

Eitan Zepkowitz

Eitan loves complex financial structures and has been developing them since 2005 in several structured-finance and tech investment funds which he founded and managed.

Ari Shotland

After a decade at Google and four years as a CTO of the fintech unicorn Plus500, Ari loves big data, low touch transactions and speed.

We are proud of our founding team's track record


370 Tech Companies Funded


670 Tech Fundings Executed


$600M Alternative Finance Investments