Market Evolution

In recent years Non-dilutive funding models have developed rapidly and financiers became more sophisticated, each with its own investment criteria, deal size focus, revenue models, preferred business fields, geography and more. The list of tech financing models is growing: MRR lines, revenue based, cohort based, user acquisition financing, inventory financing, machinery financing, PO financing, invoice financing, venture lending and many more.

The Pain

For fast moving tech companies this great news of new funding options can turn into a disappointing experience: a time consuming process, with a demanding preparation, huge exposure of private data, low success rates and terrible waste of time and associated costs. Based on years of unique experience in the tech financing world, Buttefi has built a platform which helps you navigate in this tech financing wood.

Butterfi Mission

Our mission is to solve the lack of experience and expertise which companies face when entering the tech financing space. In this space the financiers’ expertise is to structure complex financial deals which are often hard to understand in depth. We are here to boost your capabilities in this for-experts-only world. Working with Butterfi increases your funding options and improves your bargaining power to achieve the best terms available. You may call us your Funding-Optimization expert, and you can feel safe to outsource the funding process to us. Nice to meet you, we are Butterfi!


Butterfi's team encompasses a unique mix of experience in tech finanacing and fintech platforms.

BJ Lackland

BJ has been doing tech financing for over 20 years. A pioneer and leader in the US tech financing industry and former CEO of Lighter Capital, a top US revenue-based finance provider.

Eitan Zepkowitz

Eitan loves complex financial structures and has been developing them since 2005 in several structured-finance and tech investment funds which he founded and managed.

Ari Shotland

After a decade at Google and four years as a CTO of the fintech unicorn Plus500, Ari loves big data, low touch transactions and speed.

We are proud of our founding team's track record


370 Tech Companies Funded


670 Tech Fundings Executed


$600M Alternative Finance Investments