• Is Butterfi a lender? An investor?
    Butterfi is not a lender nor investor. We help you to leverage your data in order to meet the best non-dilutive investors and lenders which are pre-matched to your exact company profile. We automate and optimize your full non-dilutive fundraising cycle.
  • What is non-dilutive financing?
    Any financing model which does not require you to sell your company equity and dilute your shareholders. Today, there are many different new and traditional non-dilutive models available for tech companies and the market is dynamically evolving. Besides known US capital providers like SVB, Clearco, Lighter Capital, Hercules, Capchase, PIPE, Decathlon and Saas Capital, there are today over 100 of other great investors and tech lenders who provide non-dilutive capital to tech companies.
  • Where can Butterfi help me?
    Butterfi can help you understand your fundability potential, understand which types of financings can fit, originate offers from various capital sources, analyze financing offers, organize your data in smart designated data rooms, assist in smooth and efficient deal execution and post transaction process.
  • Why cannot I approach different capital providers myself and see which one can offer the best deal?
    There are so many of them, and several new capital providers join this universe each month. If you have spare time to waste and money to retain experts to assist you with understanding the different available financing models - sure you can do it yourself!
  • How quickly can I get feedback from Butterfi?
    Following a 3 min onboarding you can immediately start getting from us insights on your financing potential and alternatives. A deeper funding optimization will require 10 minutes more of your time and lead to a comprehensive free report on your company’s status and specific financing models which fit your profile.
  • How much does it cost to use Butterfi tools?
    Our analytics tools, insights and reports are free of charge for the first 90 days. If you end up closing a funding deal which was originated by Butterfi - only then you will pay Butterfi a fixed fee.
  • Which data does Butterfi need from me?
    Butterfi does not need any of your company data. Until we match you with the right investors, Butterfi only requests that you reply to specific questions (self reported data), in order to profile your company and get it ready for the perfect match.
  • Is it an online only process?
    Until we are able to match you with excellent financing offers the process is online. We do invite you to contact us for further explanation or technical help
  • Can Butterfi help companies in all geographies?
    Our analytics tool can assist any company. Our company-investor matchmaking services are for the US market only for now.
  • What is Butterfi’s privacy policy?
    We do not share your information with anyone unless you proactively decide to do so yourself through our matching tools and BF Smart DataRoom. Until then, we only require your self reported information and we keep it at high privacy standards.
  • Do I need to prepare data before I start using Butterfi?
    No. We believe that you will easily know to tell us most of the information we need, the rest you can always complete later in the process.
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